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Save Legacy Formats like Vinyl LPs & Tapes to Your Computer

Many people own analog audio media from many years ago. Here is how to copy these cheaply to CD, preserving them for the CD burning, data backup or mobile entertainment. Analogue media like vinyl LPs and cassettes degrade over time as they are played. Many people want to convert treasured LPs and cassettes to CDs for convenience and preservation. An added incentive is that the equipment to play them gets rarer as time goes on because they are not mainstream media any more.

If the original player is still serviceable and in good condition, a cheap and easy way to convert the analogue signal to digital is to use the sound card of a PC, and the versatile free audio editor. Take the signal from the tape out jacks of the hi-fi amplifier to the line input (usually colored blue) using a twin phono to 3.5mm jack lead. These are widely available in computer stores, electronics and audio stores like Radio Shack, Maplin or online.

In Free MP3 Editor Platinum, select the Line input and adjust the record level control so that the signal does not go into overload on loud parts of the music - it is best to err a little bit on the low side.

Once the analogue media are captured, the recording can be edited to trim out startup sounds like the stylus dropping onto the vinyl and crackle from the runout groove. Free MP3 Editor Platinum is well suited to this. You can continue to edit or save the recording and burn it to a CD with the audio CD burner of Free MP3 Editor Platinum. It can also be converted to a MP3 file to play on a digital music player like iPod - this way analogue media can be given a new lease of life, using a typical desktop computer and free audio editor tool.

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