Tips & tricks to use Free MP3 Editor Platinum.

How Does It Work in Detail?

Edit Visually

Edit audio files visually and nondestructively! With its streamlined audio editing, you can edit a specific selection of waveform and jump to a specific slide by clicking on the desired slide's thumbnail and title in the left-hand navigation.

Record Sounds

Our powerful editor can record audio data from a microphone or another sound device and save it directly to WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, etc. Just open the task window and press new record. That is how easy it is to start recording a podcast, a song or a concert. It is truly a good tool for voice over artists.

Apply Audio Effects

With our professional editing application, you can add many more audio effects to the selected region, such as amplify volume, compressor, fade in & fade out, flanger, normalization, phaser, reverb, silence, etc. You can directly find these buttons with concise and simple interface.

Audio CD Ripper

The all-in-one editor tool provides an Audio CD Ripper for you to rip audio tracks. Using this nifty little application, you can rip digital audio tracks directly from audio CDs into MP3, OGG, WMA and WAV, etc., at the same time creating top quality CD. Enjoy your music everywhere!

Audio Converter & Extractor

The Free MP3 Editor Platinum software provides an Audio Converter & Extractor, an efficient and simple tool to convert various audio formats to OGG, WAV, WMA, MP3, etc. and extract audio tracks from almost all kinds of video files to save them into MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG format. The user-friendly interface makes the operation easily.

YouTube Downloader & Converter

Are you eager to download videos you like from YouTube to your local disc? or you tired of watching video off and on on YouTube? Now it's even easier! With our YouTube Downloader & Converter, you can download videos of your choice from YouTube, Facebook, Google Video, Yahoo Video, and many others and convert them to other video formats. Now work, relax and enjoy living with YouTube downloader & converter.

Audio CD Burner

The Free MP3 Editor Platinum software provides an Audio CD Burner to help you burn audio CD with high speed and quality lossless. Easy and understandable interface of Audio CD Burner makes working with the program simple and convenient. Following detailed step-by-step instructions of the program you will be able to burn audio CDs.

Disc Eraser

The Free MP3 Editor Platinum software provides a Disc Eraser tool for you to permanently erase data from hard disks, removable media, partitions, files and folders. It is specifically designed to eliminate data that is no longer needed and should not be recovered by anyone else.

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