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When you first open Free MP3 Editor Platinum, you can see the ribbon, the area that spans the top of the program. To make your work easier and faster, the ribbon brings the most popular commands to the forefront, so you don't have to hunt in various parts of the program for things you do all the time. The ribbon was thoroughly researched and designed from users' experiences so that commands are in the optimal position. After playing around with the Ribbon a little, you'll get used to where things are and will like how easy it makes getting your work done. This lesson will tell you more about the ribbon and how to work with it.

The Three Parts of the Ribbon are Tabs, Groups and Commands.

There are three basic components to the Ribbon. It's good to know what each one is called so that you understand how to use it.

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There are seven basic ones across the top. Each represents an activity area.

Each tab has several groups that show related items together.

A command is a button, a box to enter information, or a menu. Everything on a tab has been carefully selected according to user activities. For example, the Home tab contains all the things you use most often, such as the commands in the File group for open and save a file: New File, Open, Load CD, Save and so on.

The Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is the small area to the upper left of the Ribbon. It contains the things that you use over and over every day: Create New, Open, Save, Undo, Redo and Burn. You can add your favorite commands to it so that they are available no matter which tab you are on.

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Temporarily Hide the Ribbon

The Ribbon makes everything in Free MP3 Editor Platinum nicely centralized and easy to find. Sometimes, however, you don't need to find things. You just want to work on your sound file and you'd like more space to do that. So it's just as easy to hide the Ribbon temporarily as it is to use it.

Temporarily Hide the Ribbon

Here's how: Double-click the active tab. The groups disappear, so that you have more room. Whenever you want to see all of the commands again, double-click the active tab to bring back the groups.

From Shortcuts to Key Tips (and Key Tip Badges)

Shortcuts that start with the CTRL key (for example, CTRL+C for copy, or CTRL+ALT+1 for Heading 1), remain the same as in previous versions of Free MP3 Editor Platinum. But the Ribbon design comes with new shortcuts & this change brings two big advantages over previous versions:

Shortcuts for every single button on the Ribbon.

Shortcuts that often require fewer keys.

From Shortcuts to Key Tips (and Key Tip Badges)

The new shortcuts also have a new name: Key Tips. Press ALT to make the Key Tip badges appear for all Ribbon tabs, the Quick Access Toolbar commands and the Free MP3 Editor Platinum Button.

Then you can press the Key Tip for the tab you want to display; for example, press H for the Home tab. This makes all the Key Tips for that tab's commands appear. Then you can press the Key Tip for the command you want.

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