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Open and Save Audio Files

You can open an audio file from the computer and save the edited audio file in several ways.

Open an Existing Audio File

To open an existing file click "Open" to locate the file you want to open.

You can also load audio tracks from inserted audio CD by selecting "Load CD" and elect a track by click on it.

You can also load a new recorded audio file to the waveform window by clicking "New Record".

Save an Audio File

To save an edited audio file with its original name click "Save"; to save the current audio file with a new file or format click "Save" and choose "Save File As..."; to save the select region as a new file click "Save" and choose "Save Selection As..."; The editor will auto-rename the output file if there are already files of that name.

Note: When working with audio files, you should not save the file in a compressed format until you have finished all editing because every time you save and reload in a compressed format you lose some quality. Save as a PCM wav file to preserve quality.

Open and Save Audio Files

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