Tips & tricks to use Free MP3 Editor Platinum.

Play, Move and Select Regions

To play or stop playback from the current position press Space bar. You can also use the buttons (Play, Pause & Stop) below the waveform.

Move Around the File

You can move the position by clicking on the waveform.

Select Regions

Before you can apply some effects or edit functions you need to select the region to edit or apply the effect to.

Seven Ways to Select a Region:

1. Click anywhere of the waveform as a starting point and choose everything before & after the current position to choose the region of the file;

2. Click the left button and drag along with the waveform to the place wanted to be selected;

3. Specify the beginner & end of the session by moving the sliders below the waveform window;

4. Set the start & end time in the "selection" area;

5. Specify a starting point on the waveform and enter the length of time;

6. Click "Select Specified Time" in the "Select" area to input the start, end and length of time to choose specified region;

7. Click "Select All" button in the "Clipboard" & "Select" area to select the entire file.

Play, Move and Select Regions

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