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How to Convert MP3 to WMA?

In Free MP3 Editor Platinum, all output formats supported have quality settings where you can configure the parameters. This setting window is viewable after you click "Save" button.

WAV Settings

There are three basic components to the Ribbon. It's good to know what each one is called so that you understand how to use it.

WAV Settings

There are basically 2 ways that the software will create WAVE files. (These settings indicate how the WAVE files are created.)

CD Quality

This is the most popular setting. If you are creating WAV files so that you can burn them on custom CD compilations, choose this option. It will ensure that any non-CD quality format WAV and MP3 files are converted to CD quality compatible WAV files.

CD quality format WAV files are 44,100 Hz, 16 bits, stereo.

Specific Settings

Choose this if you want the WAV files in a specific format.

The last alternative can be used for special situations where you need all your resultant WAV files to be in a specific format. For example, you can use this if you need all your WAV files to be mono.

Sample Rate

The sample rate is the number of sound points per second. For example, 22,050 Hz means that there will be 22,050 samples of sound data every second.


Stereo means that the resultant files will have a left and right channel. Mono means that there is only one channel.

Bits per Sample

Each sample is stored in a finite number of bits. The more bits you use, the less noise is introduced to the sound. However, the file size will also get bigger as higher bits per sample are used. The default is 16 bit. 8 bit sounds may sound noisy especially for subtle dynamic sounds.

MP3 Settings

MP3 Settings

The easiest way of choosing a level of compression for your MP3 files is to use the Preset Quality slider.

The Preset Quality slider allows you to choose from several levels of quality and resultant file sizes. As you choose higher quality, the file size goes up as well. On the other hand, lower quality presets will be smaller and easier to send over the Internet

Preset             Bit rate          Mode      LAME
Phone             16 kbps          Mono        X
Shortwave      24 kbps          Mono        X
AM Radio         32 kbps          Mono        X
FM Radio         96 kbps          Stereo      X (J-stereo)
Voice               64 kbps          Mono        X
Radio             112 kbps         Stereo
Tape              128 kbps         Stereo
Hi-Fi               160 kbps         Stereo
CD                 192 kbps         Stereo
Studio            256 kbps        Stereo

The default is CD quality (192 kbps, Stereo).

* Note that the FM Radio bit rate is higher than the next preset quality, which is Voice. Voice is @ 64 kbps and FM Radio is @ 96 kbps. The reason that there is a discrepancy is because Voice is mono and FM Radio is stereo. If you were to divide the FM Radio bit rate in half, you would have 48 kbps per channel, which is lower than the Voice preset.

OGG Settings

OGG Settings

These options allow you to set the Bit Rate and quality of OGG files.

Preset Quality

This convenient slider allows you to quickly choose from a list of various configurations.

Preset                    Bitrate             Channels
Voice Quality           64 kbps             Mono
FM Quality               96 kbps             Mono
Tape Quality          128 kbps             Mono
Hi-Fi Quality           160 kbps             Mono
CD Quality             192 kbps             Mono
Studio Quality        256 kbps             Mono
Best Quality           250 kbps             Mono

Specify Settings

This allows you to set the specific bit rate, channels and either Average or Variable bit rate.

Average Bit Rate – Choose this to set the average bit rate.

Variable Bit Rate – Choose this to set the variable bit rate. Change the slider to set the quality from 1% to 100%.

Mode – Choose mono or stereo in either Average or Variable Bit Rate mode.

WMA Settings

WMA Settings

If you do not see a WMA tab, you may not have WMA support properly installed.

WMA is a second generation compressed audio format.

The main option on this screen is the quality format, which is chosen by moving the slider. The possible settings are:

Preset     Bit rate             Mode             Frequency
1             16 kbps             Mono                8,000 Hz
2             32 kbps             Stereo            22,050 Hz
3             48 kbps             Mono              44,100 Hz
4             64 kbps             Stereo            44,100 Hz
5             96 kbps             Stereo            44,100 Hz
6           128 kbps             Stereo            44,100 Hz (default)

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